Energy is essential to human existence

From heating homes and cooking to transportation and communication, we are dependent on energy. Today’s energy is supplied largely from limited fossil fuels. This dependence on hydrocarbon based fuels lead to significant impacts to our environment and to political tensions. Ever increasing energy demand reflects the world’s growing population and technology enabled lifestyle.

A new decarbonized energy vision, based on sustainable and affordable energy sources is needed for the 21st century. Energy generation in the 21st century must come from limitless sources such as water, solar and geothermal sources to avoid the depletion of nature´s resources and the carbon dioxide emissions that influence the global climate.

Hydrogen is an ideal medium to capture and transport clean energy from renewable sources. Hydrogen, when combined with oxygen from air in a fuel cell, supplies electricity. This transformation is quiet, highly efficient and does not generate any harmful emissions, only pure water.

By reversing the process in an electrolyzer renewable sources such as solar energy, can be transformed and afterwards stored as hydrogen.

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