Our Vision

Solution for the future: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

The Hydrogen Economy fulfills the promise of a decarbonized abundant energy supply independent from regional fossil resources: In a closed cycle, mirroring nature, renewable energy and water will be the basis for the future energy system. Electrolysis transforms renewable energy and water to hydrogen as an energy carrier,that can be stored and transported to generate electricity when and where it is needed. Fuel cells transform hydrogen in combination with oxygen from the air to clean electricity and water.

Greenerity provides the heart of the Hydrogen Economy, the membrane electrode assemblies – MEAs – for PEM fuel cells and PEM electrolyzers. These MEAs are the electrochemical key components that enable the emission free transformation processes of the water based energy cycle. The MEAs determine the efficiency of electricity generation in fuel cells and of hydrogen generation in electrolyzers and also the reliability and lifetime of the systems built around them.

Greenerity’s vision is to provide the electrochemical solutions for the two key energy conversion processes of the hydrogen economy. This way our products, that are designed for the specific applications and produced at industrial scale, will contribute to decarbonize the global energy system. Energy generation and storage will become clean and independent from regional resources. The use of hydrogen will decarbonize individual mobility, logistics and public transport, residential energy generation and large scale energy storage and generation.

The future is coming into focus now, powered by clean, safe and abundant hydrogen.